The Concept of Rest in Enterprise – David Paul Mavia

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The Concept of Rest in Enterprise – David Paul Mavia

The Idea of Dominion has one of its expressions in Rest

The earth was designed by God to be governed by a spirit that was made in the Image and Likeness of God. God seamlessly and effortlessly created the Heavens and the Earth. He filled the earth in anticipation for a governing spirit called man. The first mandate of man was to have Dominion. Air, Water and Earth are spaces of Trade and Enterprise. Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Subduing and Replenishing are expressions of Dominion and Work before the Fall of Adam. 

In Genesis chapter two, the order of Creation paints God as one who rested because he had finished not because he was tired. The idea of fatigue-induced rest is a function of the Fall of Adam. Rest therefore is an expression of position. As sons of God we have access that allows us to co-labor with God concerning His matters on the earth. The entities we run are actually ideas of God incubated in us and painted with the flavor of our unique Call. God blessed the day He rested and previously in Genesis one he had blessed man. Here we see a Blessed Man starting to express himself in the earth in a Blessed time. Rest is not task provoked fatigue, rest is a function of the Blessedness of Man that enables Him to trade with Dominion.

Eden was God’s startup for Adam. God expresses confidence in you and then places you in a setting that makes a demand on you to exhibit his potential. Here we see CoLabouration – God throws at Adam tasks that draw out what He wired in Adam to run the start up also known as Eden. God equally does that to us. We see no lip biting from Adam. We only see expressive creative license to name and patent creation starting with the animals that God brought His way. God is doing the same thing with us. He is bringing opportunities for us to capture and patent products and services that will govern our respective industries. Work was not designed to be laced with sweat, pain and fatigue. Jesus has reversed the fall and thus the only labor we have (Heb 4) is to enter onto his Rest.

  1. We need to dedicate our Enterprises to God’s Rest. Ask the Holy Spirit to enforce the yoke that attaches you to Christ and Learn of Him how Business and trading is done without worldly toil and ideas.
  2. We need to be confident of the challenges God wings at us so that we can be able to draw out what he wired in us – effortlessly.
  3. We need to glory in the Co-laboring positional mandate with God so that we can identify ourselves as the legal representative trading spirits of our Father.
  4. We need to be justified by the Father’s appraisal of every small effort we make to Co-labor with Him. The approval of men has its reward on the earth. The approval of the Father has its reward both in Heaven and Earth.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Shalom is the precondition of Sabbath. Out of His Peace we draw His Rest. This is just but a bite sized capsule of the idea(s) of Rest for Entrepreneurs.

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Last modified: December 9, 2020