About Deep Business

I have had several attempts at reaching out to Spiritual Marketplace Practitioners. Most of those attempts have involved one on one, group gatherings and classes specifically designed to address issues tied to Spirituality and the Marketplace.

Part One

Last year I was doing some research on the topic of Profit. I ended up putting together a small write up (soon to be released) titled The Road of Profit. My scriptural reference was Matt 25:14 commonly known as The Parable of the Talents.  In the parable a lot of things leapt up at me but the one that burned my heart strangely was the term ‘OCCUPY’ other versions of the Bible have it as TRADE.

The English rendition of these words makes us miss the point of the parable but just to give you a hint the word used in the Greek is Pragmahtohee. It means to Be Practical, or to be Pragmatic. I went ahead to start a Podcast to address Spirituality, Practicality, Trade and Market Occupation – I called it Pragma Podcast (where to be Spiritual is to be Practical, to be Practical is to Trade and to Trade is to Occupy).

Part Two

About two years ago, while I was sitting in my office a businessman walked in for some encouragement. We talked a lot of things but amongst them was a scripture I shared with him, that has since never really never left my heart – Psalms 107:23-31. The whole Psalm is worth reading but this short part deserves a commentary treatment especially for people in the Marketplace. As scripture would have it the word that captured me there was in verse 24  – his wonders in the DEEP. It seemed to suggest that sometimes we misread Gods biddings yet when we think we are sinking we get to experience His Wonders in the DEEP.

So DEEP and PRAGMA as terms and concepts have not left me. Deep Business is a revelatory platform that seeks to justify and explain through Search, Thinking, Learning, Judging and Instruction, the realities of God in the Marketplace (1 Cor 1:16).

In December 2018, I was seated in my office overwhelmed by the things I needed to isolate as priority for 2019. As sure as the dew in its light weight manner will fall on the blade of the grass, I had the same impression dive deep in my heart that I was to niche out a bit in matters of Spiritual importance in the Marketplace. I was certain that the beckoning of God was leading to categorically pursue the Market segment of Spiritual/Kingdom Thought Leadership. I had been concerned about this area and forecasting before but not specifically from a Spiritual perspective.

To say the least I got excited and more to that I began to realize how little has been done in this area with respect to the body of Christ.

So Deep Business is an attempt by God’s Grace to lay a platform that will equip Marketplace Practitioners take advantage of their Spiritual Capital and turn them into Practical Meaningful Marketplace Experiences. Deep Business will also be a hub to create and curate seminal material to those who believe that they have been positioned in the Marketplace to be Kingdom Thought Leaders.

Welcome to my journey. Find a way to Prayerfully participate. Incase you are interested to contact me do so by sending an email to thedeepbusines@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @thedeepbusiness.

Godspeed to you all.

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