Anatomy of an Idea – David Paul Mavia

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Anatomy of an Idea – David Paul Mavia

Ideas are in the dimension of Faith. Calling gives direction to Ideas, Gifts give Grace to Ideas and Skills give Execution and Expression to Ideas. This triad is unbroken and seamless.

Every body gets ideas, good or bad. Ideas are symbolized as the brainy light bulb that comes on when something fresh lands or pops up in the mind and heart.

We say I got an Aha! Moment or a Eureka Moment.


Ideas have purpose. There are generally no purposeless ideas however feeble and outrageous they may seem. Some ideas come to surface just for the very reason to challenge our own thinking. Even so called lame ideas are a welcome effort to most likely the next big one. When you have a sense of purpose or calling your ideas will have a clarified direction. Purpose or Calling lends direction to Ideas. You cannot have ideas that are stagnant. The nature of ideas is fluidity and mobility they are always seeking some form of arrival and concreteness. Ideas are always in search of a body or an executor. Purpose gives ideas wheels and leverage. Ideas must soon have a destination. They must soon land and have legs. They must soon begin to be wired into existence. Purpose lends Ideas meaningfulness, scope and fulfillment. Ideas without scope cannot be measured. Ideas without scope cannot reveal a sense of progress. Purpose is gross to ideas as it is to its fulfillment. Purpose is the Why of Ideas. An idea without a Why will frustrate its bearer.

Beliefs and Believability

Ideas need to be believed. Beliefs lend power to ideas. As many as believed in him he gave them power to become the sons of God.If you do not like what you are becoming then it is high time you examined what you have believed. We always become what we have believed. If your ideas become something other than what you envisioned them to be, it would appear that they are being funded by a different set of beliefs. The result of ideas is an obvious expression of the beliefs that fund them. As a conceptualizer of ideas it is incumbent upon you to be the first believer in your ideas. Your obsession has to be deep and broad. Your convictions have to be contagious. When an idea pops up in your mind it is bacterial when it comes to spreading the idea it must be viral. Beliefs are the funding agents of the virility of ideas. You cannot communicate or be passionate about ideas you do not believe in. in fact the spread of ideas is actually the spread of believability. 


Ideas need to be conceptualized. Conceptualization of ideas should take into account that ideas need

Form – ideas need to be seen or handled. Theideator has to paint a consumable picture to the rest of us so that we can be able to figure it out. Form should be palatable. Form should be transferable. Form must be itching my brain, memory and imagination in good way.

Measurable – ideas should be measurable. They should have scope. Ideas should drive us to starting points. Measurability of ideas puts us in a position to access progress and also reasonably on the adventurous path of execution. Measurability enables linkage to logistical involvement. It creates a linear and point-to-point or phase-to-phase examination or estimation.

Government and Ideas

Ideas need to be governed. Government is the entire foreseen infrastructure that enables proper timely and meaningful execution of ideas. Government gives muscle to idea execution. It has some necessary vital appendages that the life of the idea depends on. What constitutes government of Ideas?

Idea Plane – this is the plane angle or perspective of the idea in question. We have to have a lifted and broad view of the idea. We have to be able to spread it and view it to its seams. The Idea Plane enables us to spread andzone into the idea at the same time.

Discipline and Adjustment – the clarity of the idea triggers responsibility. For an idea to begin to have form and power it needs the bearer of the idea to adjust his life to its execution. Discipline and adjustment are central to planning and panning out the idea. The determination to execute an Idea places on the idea bearer the responsibility of needed rituals that catalyze the idea process. This sometimes is the management phase. Capacity to bring the idea to reality is exhibited at this stage. Many ideas are defeated at this stage because of lack of will and skill to administrate ideas.

Collaborations – ideas are not only a preserve of individual effort. People collaborate to bring out ideas. People are most often tied to the success or failure of an idea. Ideas bring together like hearted co-laborers. There are ideas that need teams to execute and some just pairs of personnel.  Your idea plane and plan should be able to reveal those details. These collaborations are largely needed in the area of different skillsets and expertise.

Resources – three major resources are necessary for idea execution these are time, money and technology. Ideas need time to execute. The idea should be planned for but in the planning there has to be a time frame. The timeframe should take charge of over extension and postponement of vital steps of execution. Many ideas have died from the assumption that there is a lot of time to tend to them. Ideas without a deadline end up being fantasies. Time boundaries inject in the idea process a sense of urgency. Ideas need money and budgets. Clearer ideas often are responded to with needed financing. Money should be seen as a resource not as a hindrance to idea execution. The cost of the idea is more than money but money should not be elevated above other resources. Having said that, money should serve the idea and it is necessary to facilitate other related resources that need its compensation to make the idea work. Technology follows closely. Technology in many ways poses as an accelerator in the idea execution process. Technology quickens and multiplies the idea execution process. Some technologies have been built around an idea and some are ideas in themselves. It is a rare thing to miss the involvement of technology in most idea processes in this day and age.

Ideas and Skill

Ideas are vehicle of vision to the Skill. Ideas are notions of possibilities. They first exist in the dimension of the invisible. They are vision lenders and are also like the Call directional. Ideas have deadlines. When they are conceived they thrive and excite the domain of subjectivity. You call them mine and soon they linger in your mind like incubated babies waiting for development. If given attention, ideas fuse in the minds and the hearts of their bearers and will begin to negotiate to see the light of day. The Skill is one of the tools needed to birth out and idea. So ideas are constantly lost at incubation or at Skill level. The Skill is the necessary birth canal of Ideas in the earth.

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Last modified: December 9, 2020