The Parable of the Loquat Tree – Growth as a Constant for Fruit –David Paul Mavia

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I remember visiting my sister a while ago. It was the season of Loquats; you know them small yellow fruits with brown seeds within them: sometimes referred to as Japanese berries. That evening I got back home and found the kids in the estate having a party, only that this time one of them sat on top of a Loquat tree and was shaking them to the gleeful harvest of the rest- yellow berries with brown seeds within, nothing much happened in my mind until the next day. I had just dropped wife at work when I passed by another Loquat tree when my mind began attentively being instructed by the very internal resident Rabbi.

The Constant of Growth

The three trees were in different geographical locations yet each was yielding rich succulent yellow berries. None of the tree consulted with the other to produce these berries. None of these trees even knew that the other existed. We aren’t even aware whether all the trees were planted deliberately or by accident as some of the trees are planted in Africa. Not to mention it is possible that they weren’t the same ‘age’. So why were they effortlessly producing fruit? That was my class for the day.

The only thing that all the trees had to do was to endure everything and GROW. Growth is a powerful precondition for fruit. Wired in the tree was the DNA of yielding fruit at a certain biological ‘age’ and season. When the tree grows to a certain ‘age’ it begins to produce fruit. It does not pray for fruit, it does not confess positive statements for fruit to be available; it does not rely on a concrete power point strategic plan it just grows.

Growth as Polishing

My resident Rabbi chuckled within my innards and pointed areas in my life where I desired fruit. I noticed that there were places in my life that I had wasted moments and time trying to spice up when all I needed to do is to grow. When you find yourself wondering whether your skill can or should attract a certain amount of compensation, check again and answer the question, when was the last time when you undertook a concise disciplinary class of growth? It is fraud to expect compensation for a skill or talent that is not growing. In the economy of spiritual reality we most of the time attract opportunities commensurate to our revelation of growth in the area of our delivery.  Sometimes divine disclosure determines closure or evasion of some juicy opportunities because we might display infant manners on the table of grey hair execution.

Growth, Time and Sequence

Growth is time based. It is linear therefore it is measurable. Process is a path where the repetition of time allows already established spiritual realities to make abode in earthly realities. From God’s side ‘you are already’ but the same God plants you in time on the path of process so that ‘that which is already’ descends by revelation and practice or habit into time and becomes your exhibited nature. Pervasion is when the descent of your ‘already’ spiritual nature is absconded or aborted because of the sometimes painful discipline of translating what God has declared you to be in a time frame.

Growth Progress and Competition

How do you measure progress? How do you measure if you have grown? Progress is measured against the expectations of vision. All God based visions are logical, sequential, have a beginning and an end. Along the path of vision is revision and examination. Those points reveal whether we have moved, improved or grown.   You will by now realize that growth in the context of vision kills every deceptive illusion of self induced ideas of competition. At the core of growth and progress, against your vision, you are only left to compete with God’s seasons and his expectations, of where you ought to be as the seasons demand.

Producing in all seasons

Lastly but not least when I want to eat Loquats in the dry season where do I get them? How do I stay constant in fruitfulness in season and out of season? In the case of Loquats what one needs to do is to employ technology. This is where a mere skill transcends determined boundaries and floats on the assistance of technique and technology. For loquats all you have to do is harvest and preserve, like have them canned.  Translate them from the state of nature to the state of perpetuity through technology. As I write this I am listening to a newly released music CD of a friend of mine. It was recorded a while ago but here I am consuming its contents because of technology. Guess what

  • The music will be available for a long time to come (in season and out of season).
  • By the time she produces another CD it will be easy to judge whether GROWTH has taken place by comparing it to this one. Notice then her justifiable competition will be herself not necessarily other musicians.


There are things set in the direction of progress in your life that are unchangeable, they are divinely constant e.g the Devil, he is eternally sinful and out of place but if you GROW you begin to realize some of his threats are also eternally outdated. Growth is a necessary detergent that sedates you against diabolical cache and enables you to ascend to the place of wisdom and understanding causing you to be constantly fruitful.


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Last modified: December 9, 2020