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Alvin Toffler was on point when he predicted that we are in an age of Information overload. He also intimated that the skill wewould need to hone most would be the skill of interpretation to be on the dot connecting edge. We are yet still in an age where Future casting and Trendwatching have become the back end engine of Innovation and Thought Leadership.

There is yet another anomaly. Vision fatigue, where visionaries are experiencing the chocking point of vision and wondering how to acquire spiritual capital and how to turn this capital into meaningful marketplace experiences.

Positional Marketplace

We used to have positional marketplace – scenarios where we were contend that spiritual marketplace practitioners occupied positions of influence.

Positional Marketplace practice is slowly being overtaken. Positional Marketplace practice is when a kingdom marketplace practitioner believes God has placed her/him in a tier in the market segment ‘for His glory’. In most cases trying to figure out what and how that glory looks like can be like locating a puny needle in a haystack. Positional Marketplace practice is more of role driven, where you are the CEO of, or Director of and the only display of anything Kingdom is the salient devotional expression of the Marketplace practitioner.

Many will use the proverbial Joseph and Daniel to justify Positional Marketplace practice. Does God position His people in the Marketplace? Yes he does. Is Positional Marketplace practice evil? No it is not! If we must use Joseph and Daniel and more we must also keenly realize that more than occupancy of roles of prestige and influence, there is also the purpose and true meaning of this positioning.

Deep Pragmatism

 – the Next Level of Marketplace Practice – DP Mavia –

God has positioned his people in these settings to THINK and foster Kingdom spiritual ideas and solutions. Thinking is wired in the Depth of God. Thinking is inducing a Market segment to spin at the frequency of the practical applied proposal of the Kingdom. Thought Leaders are Marketplace practitioners who go beyond positioning and draft an Economic Blueprint for the Pharaohs of this world to be able to sustain near collapsing civilizations. Beyond ethical practice is also idea driven missions that contend against hell-bent ideologies in the marketplace.

Deep Practice or Deep Pragmatism is the next level of Marketplace operations. This is not in any way a form of elitism. In the parable of the talents we find the concept of pragmatism and practice and spiritual and trade in the word OCCUPY. In the first letter to the Corinthians the second chapter we find the concept of Depth that resides in the Thinking or Thoughts of God and in those who are spiritual and under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. Depth and Pragmatism are not mutually exclusive. Both are needed and are accessible to the thinking and believing doers. The same Paul who was called a babbler by the Epicureans turned out to be in the company of those who turned world upside down (Acts 17:5,6).


It is for the reasons above that a circle or space of the practice of functional thought leadership has been constituted. This is geared to facilitate connectivity, discourse, and constructive idea agitation. This is not the worldly stoic pragmatism this is biblical revelatory driven pragmatism.

Pragma is a Monthly forum for Kingdom Thought Leaders, who in their own right of obedience to God induce Idea driven disruption, in their space(s) of Market Invasion.

We meet every first Wednesday of the month from 3.45 pm to 8pm. During that time we dedicate the four hours to

  1. Crafted Prophetic Marketplace Prayer Session
  2. Deep Insight & Marketplace Intelligence Session
  3. Person of Interest or Topic of Interest Round Table Session
  4. Deep Thinking Teaching Session

Snacks and Information Tokens provided.

For information and attendance register with or call 0722790891. Cost of attendance Ksh. 4000 payable to till 541533 (kairos1)

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Last modified: January 28, 2021