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Thinking is Spiritual  – DP Mavia

It is undeniable fact that in Biblical Christianity that God created us. Alongside that fact we should add that God created us to be thinking beings. If that fact is overlooked we will forever surrender our idea of the thinking being to evolutionary theory of Homo Sapiensthe wise man or thinking man’.

The strong anti-intellectual position of most Christians is funded by the idea that God is only interested in matters of the heart and the soul with specific leanings to an Old Testament ethic. But the same God also is the one that created us with a Mind and expects us to receive him wholesome to the point where he invites us to His thinking.

Isa 1:18Come let us Reason together … in fact this verse leans towards the notion of God’s mercy and salvation to his people … though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow.

This invitation by God to His man finds its fulfillment in the New Testament with a call from Jesus the Messiah for people to Repent!for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The word repentance is Metanoia in the Greek, which combines meta and nous and literally stands as ‘change your thinking’. The redeemed spirit of man must have its redeeming expression in a Mind that can translate that redemption to actions of true salvation.  Just as the fall of man meant the fall of spirit, soul and body (Rom 3:23) so is the salvation of man wholesome and redeems spirit, soul (Mind) and Body (1 Thess 5:23).

Spiritual Things

Spiritual things are not only confined to the spirit. Spiritual things must find their expressions through natural means and when that happens it does not make them less spiritual. When we say Spiritual things what we should be seen to mean is that they originate from spirit. More than that they should not only be things originating from spirit they should also be things that are life giving, coming from the spirit that is God.

The faculties that make us aware of the reality of this world can be God driven or otherwise driven (by the flesh, carnality or demonic driven). Since thinking has largely been associated to humanism (man at the centre) the Christian response to this dominant culture has made thinking be viewed as against God, in opposition to him or not of God. Wrong or evil thinking is not of God but the idea of thinking; man being able to cognitively respond to issues is of God.

The Image of God

When God made us in his image (imago dei) – Gen 1:26, he expected us to translate and relate to circumstances borrowing from some of his attributes. God said, God did, God thought, God saw, God rested, God worked, God made. When he places man on the earth to have dominion he is expecting the least of man to say, do, think, see, work or make and more. All these things are expressions of spirit they are the expressions of man who is spirit as God is. All these things tied to a sense of purpose or will or intentional design they are the things that begin to produce culture. A cumulative expression of these things forms civilizations, artifacts, markets, technology and many more.

Thought Leadership

So idea driven market influence from a thinking spiritual being should not be seen to be anything in antithesis to the word of God. In fact the spaces where the mind of God is left unused soon begin to lack light or life (Matt 5:14). Much as the fallen human being has the flavor that can bring up things that are right and of benefit to humankind, creation is eagerly waiting for sons of God (Rom 8:19-24). These sons should be thinking sons, sons with imagination and creativity. Biblical Christianity should be more than Ethics and Morality. Ethics and morality should be seen to influence a progressive culture in all spheres politics, business, innovation, or education. The Market and World at large is waiting for those who will be inspired by God ideas that influence to right standing the spaces that God has placed them in – for righteousness exalts a Nation (Prov. 14:34).

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Last modified: July 10, 2019

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