Time and Enterprise: Sequencing, Action, Practice and Growth – DP Mavia

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Time and Enterprise: Sequencing, Action, Practice and Growth – DP Mavia

God has assigned a lot of his purposes on the earth to be managed by His called out beings. He is in the habit of calling out His people then draws out a mandate for them, to be accomplished on the Earth in the interest of Heaven. The execution of these mandates bestows on us the honor of co-working with Him. We have been anointed to be regents that execute business on the behalf of heavens beckoning. 

As a Spiritual being you remain constant and unchanged but your actions are set in Time so they need sequencing. A sequence is a particular order of doing things. Action is therefore the practice of Being or the working out or demonstration of the nature of Spirituality. But practice of action produces growth. Therefore sequencing plus growth are imperatives of time, and that’s what business is made of.

Being is Constant

Spiritual personalities are exactly that, Spiritual! Your nature as a being of Spirit is derived from who you born off. For whatever is born of Spirit is Spirit. We who are born from above are above only. We have a constant nature that oozes out with life. We have a mandate attributed to us by our maker. A businessperson runs his entity as a being of spirit. So he must first understand that his nature as spirit is settled. His spiritual genes have every attribute of Life and light of God. He runs his business from the constancy of spirit. He is supplied with every capital imbued within the composition of spirit. Being is Constant.

Action needs Sequencing

But this businessperson as a personality of spirit needs to express that ‘being’. For him to do so he needs to ACT. Action is derived from being. It is not the action that makes the Being; it is the Being that makes the action. The personality of spirit is not defined per se by what he does but more of WHO he is. It is because he is, that he acts out in business. The more he acts, the more the depth of his being is expressed. His actions are thus sequenced and therefore pattern out a unique signature. We begin to say so and so as thinks like this. Actions are vehicles that draw out personality. The being of spirit as a businessperson must act. It is in acting that others experience his essence. Action is therefore the Practice of Being.

Growth – Practice of Action

The practice of Action produces Growth. If you do not practice action you will not grow. Even beings of spirit Practice. Every spirit has a soul that gives life to the material world. The soul grows as it draws and interacts with the material world. Growing justifies Time. A business that is not growing is wasting purpose. A business that is not growing is not practicing. Proper practice must fuel growth. Growth establishes Spirit in the world of matter. A businessperson draws from the being of spirit through action and practice in order to have Dominion. Dominion is produced by Action, Practice and Growth. Though in Spirit a businessperson may know that he has Dominion, he needs to act, practice and grow for Dominion to be stamped and expressed.

Time and Enterprise

Time thus serves the Mature. When a businessperson of spirit grows by practice, he enters his seasons with certainty. A rooted tree will support a firm stem; produce needed fruit, which carry hidden seed. A mature businessperson has grown through action and due practice. He becomes rooted in his area of delivery. He structures or stems out with resolution. Then he bears the fruit of his Trade. Within that fruit is the germ for the next Business. A mature business operates on the principle of Propagation. It is rooted and has fruit and seed. To propagate is to multiply. It is at propagation that the Enterprise comes full circle and it is from this tree that the businessperson is able to eat from.

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Last modified: December 9, 2020